The Sweet Spot: MacFuddy’s Distinctively Strong Pepper Elixir

Source - Nashville Scene
Published - February 4, 2015
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The Sweet Spot: MacFuddy's Distinctively Strong Pepper Elixir

The Sweet Spot is a weekly Bites feature where sugar addict Megan Seling reviews some of the best, worst and weirdest sweet treats sold here in Nashville. It appears Tuesdays.

What it is: MacFuddy's Distinctively Strong Pepper Elixir

Where I found it: Rocket Fizz, the downtown sweets shop, for less than $2 (but I threw away the receipt so I can't tell you the exact amount, ugh, I'm terrible)

What it tastes like: Originally I went to Rocket Fizz to buy a bottle of Lester's Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda and Ranch Dressing Soda because I've never had either and of course the only way to drink them at all is to drink them together, but GAH! They were out of the latter! There must've been a run on the stuff for all the Super Bowl parties.

While I was there, though, I picked up a bottle of this curious-looking drink: MacFuddy's Distinctively Strong Pepper Elixer, with a label that reads "Cures Timidness and Satisfies the Daring" and "Infused with Luck" and "12 oz for 24 hours of Favorable Outcomes."

I love black pepper — Olive and Sinclair's Salt & Pepper Chocolate Bar is just about the best chocolate bar in the world, and one time I had a salt and pepper latte from Hot & Cold and it was the best latte I ever had (or at least in the Top 5). Give me all the black pepper in the world, and it will still not be enough. And there's surely plenty to spare because, unfortunately, this so-called pepper elixir doesn't seem to have any in it. NONE. WHERE IS THE PEPPER?

Though the label will lead you to believe otherwise, MadFuddy's Pepper Elixer is really just a sweet (but not as sweet as Cheerwine) cherry soda that leaves the tiniest little spark of pepper in the back of your throat for about five seconds. Tiny, tiny, tiny. Barely noticeable. Hardly at all present. It is a cherry soda. With a cute label. And 0.0009% black pepper flavor.

It's not "distinctively strong." It does not "satisfy the daring." I suppose it did cure timidness because I wasn't too shy to throw a very public hissy fit about its lack of pepper, but I bet that "infused with luck" line is a lie, too! It is a bottle of disappointment. (Unless you are expecting a pretty good cherry soda, in which case it is a bottle of fairly good cherry soda.)


I do hope Rocket Fizz gets more of that ranch soda back in stock soon — I refuse to drink this buffalo wing soda without it.