Tampa Rocket Fizz owner on ‘Undercover Boss’

Source - WTSP
Published - December 18, 2014
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Tampa, Florida -- There is a surprising 100 different kinds of soda and all kinds of candy in the Rocket Fizz store in Tampa. But, a bigger surprise was a visit from the CBS' show "Undercover Boss."

Marianne Banales, who owns three Rocket Fizz stores, says she had no clue she was on the show.

"I had no idea. I knew I was filming something, but that's when all the fun began," she says.

In disguise, the CEO chose Banales' store on Dale Mabry Highway to see how a successful location is run. Working side-by-side, she explained a flaw in the pricing system.

"The tech was outdated and keeping me from my customers."

She says, despite working with the CEO for only one day, they developed a special bond.

"The boss has a tragic loss in his life and we connected, because my brother passed away suddenly."

The most memorable part after the big reveal?

"I covered my face and kept saying, 'No, I'm not, no, I'm not," Banales says.

It wasn't the improved inventory system, which was rolled out company-wide or the free trip to Spain. It was last gift that nearly brought Banales to tears.

"One thing they decided to do was bottle a soda for my brother, such an honor."

That soda will be sold in all stores, with part of the proceeds going to a good cause, which is one reason why the effects of the show will last with Banales for years to come.

"I'm happy to go to work every single day. It felt like filming was with my family. And Rocket Fizz is my family," she says.