Snooki “Bump”s Up Sales Of Rocket Fizz

Source - Perezitos
Published - July 19, 2012
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Snooki "Bump"s Up Sales Of Rocket Fizz

You can't buy drinks for Snooki anymore, but you can buy drinks from her!

The former Jersey Shore star dropped in at the Rocket Fizz store in El Lay to promote her new Snooki's Wild Cherry Soda.

Mizz Polizzi handpicked the Fizz flavor; it's the first 120 proof soft drink!

JK! As we all know, Snooki is living clean and sober for her quickly approaching baby.

And goodness, look at the size of that bump! Snooki looks like she's going to pop literally any second!

That isn't even a red carpet, they put a towel down in case her water breaks!