Rocket Fizz Soda Pop And Candy Shop

Source - Beloved-Recluse Live Journal
Published - August 3, 2012
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Guess where we went today!

(Going to a candy shop before lunch was one of the best worst ideas ever!)

They had some seriously awesome stuff. Juicy Twists, Zotz, Valomilks, Walnettos, Cherry Mash, Clark bars, rock candy, giant Pixie Stix, Coconut Slice bars... that's just what *I* got today. There were Mallo Cups, and Pocky, and stick candy and HUGE lollis, and saltwater taffy, and and and....SODA! Every flavor of soda that's ever been thought of is probably sold at this store. So nifty!

For what it's worth I tried the Green Apple Jalapeno soda that gets reviewed in the blog entry I linked. It wasn't that bad. Not something I'd want every day, but still.