Rocket Fizz backs Blue Santa with special soda sales

Source - Palo Alto Online
Published - November 29, 2015
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Rocket Fizz backs Blue Santa with special soda sales

Rocket Fizz has teamed up with the Fraternal Order of Police to help ensure this year’s Blue Santa event is bigger than ever.

“Typically we do 20 kids, this year we’re really close to 40 kids,” Officer Chuck Boyce said.

Boyce’s team had recently began selling T-shirts raising money for the event.

Rocket Fizz owner Steve Farmer said he called Boyce and asked if he would like Rocket Fizz to turn the logo into a soda label.

Farmer decided to donate 100% of the money raised, including the cost of the soda.

“(We’ll sell) as many as it takes,” Farmer said. “I started off with just three cases and I’m running through them really fast, so I’m going to have to order more.”

In its sixth year, Boyce said Blue Santa is as important as ever. Blue Santa pairs officers with children and takes them on a Christmas shopping spree.

"We take some of the less fortunate children we come across throughout the year and it’s just a really nice thing to do for them,” Boyce said.

The sodas are available in orange cream, vanilla cream and root beer. A cola option is forthcoming.

“This time of year there are so many heart wrenching stories with kids out there and they need to have a good Christmas,” Farmer said. “In the East Texas area they won’t if someone doesn’t step up.”

Farmer said Rocket Fizz will continue to donate proceeds to the Fraternal Order of the Police through the event and any sold after will still be donated.

“We got a late start this year, so next year we’re already trying to plan to go a little bit bigger and a little bit better,” Boyce said. “Who’s to say we can’t do 50 kids next year?”