Franchise Facts

  • You do not need prior retail experience to operate a successful Rocket Fizz franchise. Our training program will teach you how to operate
  • We want franchisees who understand how store cleanliness, friendliness, and inventory stock and continuity is important to the success of their stores and the Rocket Fizz brand
  • Marketing and advertising fund. We do not yet collect money for a marketing and advertising fund. We may never do so but in case we decide to one day then the cost will be 1% of your gross monthly sales
  • You will have an exclusive territory where no other Rocket Fizz retail store will be allowed to operate. This territory size will vary depending on the geographic location of your store
  • Store opening time. Once you sign a lease agreement, depending on your location and other factors (see our FDD) Rocket Fizz franchise stores typically open quickly when compared to other franchises. Your store can open in as few as 45 days to as many as 120 days (estimates based on our experiences)
  • We encourage franchisees to eventually own more than one location and a larger territory. Many of our current franchisees own additional locations beyond their first. We prefer to work with a smaller number of dedicated franchisees who own multiple stores instead of working with many single franchise operators. We may also, at our sole and absolute discretion, discount the initial franchise fee per store on a multi-franchise store purchase. We view our franchisee relationships like family and everyone will get to know Rob and Ryan in person. Rob and Ryan do not "hide in an office all day." They are very active with store operators
  • While owning a Rocket Fizz franchise is relatively easy to operate, it may not be for you. If your passion is arranging flowers or cooking pizza then you should consider one of those franchises instead. But if your passion is to have fun and make people happy, then Rocket Fizz may be a good fit for you.
  • Always follow your passion in life. It is a road map to success