Openings: Soda Pops and Candies Come To Clayton And Gin Stakes Its Claim At Cafe Natasha

Source - Alive Mag
Published - March 26, 2014
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Saturday, May 24: The Loop will soon seem a little sweeter thanks to news that Rocket Fizz, a franchised soda pop and candy shop, will be moving into the space at 6303 Delmar Blvd. As initially reported by Sauce Magazine, the chain has its roots in California although locations have also popped up in half a dozen other states. Husband and wife duo, Mark and Mary Strahm, will open the first Missouri Rocket Fizz later this month on Saturday, May 24. Expect to find plenty of non-traditional soda flavors (everything from marshmallow to pumpkin pie) lining the shelves along with rows upon rows of novelty candies.

Openings: Soda Pops and Candies Come To Clayton And Gin Stakes Its Claim At Cafe Natasha

Late-May 2014: Watch out whiskey, another alcohol is staking its claim behind the bar at The Gin Room, which will open inside of Cafe Natasha this spring. The gin-based cocktail bar at 3200 S. Grand Blvd. will feature over 50 varieties of the botanical-based spirit along with house-made tonics and tinctures. On the menu will be both classics and modern twists that should provide plenty of options for long-time gin drinkers and novices alike. Look for an official opening of The Gin Bar later this month.

Late-May 2014: South-of-the-border flavors are soon coming back to Maryland Heights with the opening of Itacate Mexican Grill at 3324 N. Lindbergh in Water Center Plaza. The space was previously home to Guajillo Mexican Grill, which closed this past April, but manager Manuel Arreola-Valles stuck around to develop the new restaurant and catering concept, Itacate. A large portion of the menu is prepared in-house and many of the recipes are based on those used by Arreola-Valles’ family–everything from tacos and burritos to nachos and chimichangas.

Tuesday, Nov. 4: Gerard Craft will soon have new neighbors to welcome at Centene Plaza when the modern-Mexican chain Cantina Laredo moves into the space at 7710 Forsyth Ave. this fall. The Dallas-based company will be serving up top-shelf cocktails and bold Mexican flavors in the more than 6,000-square-foot space, which is estimated to have just under 200 seats. A patio will offer an elegant outdoor space for guests to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Clayton. Cantina Laredo is slated to open its door Tuesday, Nov. 4.