Monday morning online trends 6/17

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Published - June 17, 2013
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(KFVS) - There are lots of interesting online trends to highlight on this Monday morning. Here's a peek at some of the top stories getting attention.

As if we needed another strange food product, a company has now released ranch dressing soda.

Lester's Fixins also has buffalo wing and peanut butter and jelly flavored soda.

You can learn more about the odd flavor here.

The McDonald's app will tell you where any of the company's restaurants are located all over the world.

One snapshot from the app is drawing attention online as it shows just how many McDonald's there are in England.

Take a look at the picture here, and from what it looks like you could just take a few steps and run into a McDonald's!

A video about a teenager who can speak 20 different languages is making the rounds online.

The young man, who is seventeen and lives in New York, says he loves to communicate with people from all backgrounds and learning new languages helps with that.

You can watch the teen's full story here--it's definitely worth a watch if you have some free time.

Bonnaroo is another trending topic Monday morning.

The famous music festival took place over the weekend in Mancheshter, Tennessee and featured such acts as Billy Idol, Weird Al Yankovic and even Paul McCartney.

Some great slideshows are popping up online of the pictures from Bonnaroo.

Yahoo has one available here and Washington Post's slideshow can be checked out here.

It's Monday and some of us might be experiencing the dreaded bad hair day.

Yahoo Shine has some funny pictures of famous guy celebrities who didn't always have the best hair.

Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, even George Clooney make the list among others.

You can see these bad hair choices by clicking here.

Have you ever wanted the ultimate computer desk experience?

A Canadian company may have just the solution for you.

It looks like a chair, but it is so much more than just your run-of-the-mill chair.

it rotates, it reclines, it has heated seats and also features three 27-inch LED screens and even a Bose stereo system.

Sounds pretty great, right? Well it can be yours for a very pretty penny.

The devices are said to be selling for $50,000.

Take a look at the test procedure of the impressive machine here.

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