Feed your sweet tooth downtown

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Published - May 31, 2014
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Feed your sweet tooth downtown

Rocket Fizz surprised me by opening earlier than I expected. This is the candy shop located on Oak Street just west of Rogers Plaza. I was actually having a rather long, sleepy day and, as I drove by and saw the “open” sign, I had one thought: “Sugar will help me stay awake.” Ironically, I had just had my teeth cleaned, and I was craving taffy. Is there anything edible that is worse for your teeth than taffy? Don’t tell my dentist.

As it was my duty to check out the new place so I could tell you all about it, I headed in to get a gander at their selection of taffy … and other stuff too.

If I had to describe Rocket Fizz in two words, I would say “sensory overload.” So many colors and textures to look at — it’s literally wall-to-wall candy. The second thing I noticed was a large selection of saltwater taffy (Jackpot!). Yes, I said the second thing I noticed. Sorry for going out of order, but the sensory overload thing doesn’t exactly translate into black and white unless you throw in some twists.

The first thing I noticed was the selection of sodas. A row of coolers held all kinds of flavors (something like 15 flavors of ginger ale — that’s what I always get for a treat), and many more bottles lined the walls. There were novelties like bacon bandages and fake mustaches, lots of vintage-style signs and lunch boxes and random things like a pig mask. And then there was the candy. Giant gum balls and lollipops, stacks of fancy chocolate bars, lots and lots of candies I’ve never seen before and lots I haven’t seen in a long time.

In short, it was a feast for the eyes. I’m talking about more candy per square inch than I have ever seen anywhere. I dare you to go in there and not buy anything.

Children’s boutique coming soon

Sammie Pew of Conway is opening Simply Sweet Kids, a children’s clothing boutique and gift store, in the building that formerly housed The Gathering. She will have baby registry, baby bedding, monogramming and appliqués, and layaway for the holidays. She will have clothing for children up to age 12 or 14, she said. She plans to open in mid July with a grand opening week in August filled with special events each day.

Former buffet is changing

Something is definitely going on at the old Ryan’s building, but I haven’t been able to catch a human there to converse with yet. I heard a rumor that there might be an eye clinic going in there, but I have no way of confirming it yet. However, at my last drive-by it appeared that all the kitchen equipment had been loaded up in preparation to be hauled away. We shall see what happens.