Campbell’s Rocket Fizz Offers Some Sweets for Asiana Flight 214 Victims

Source - Campbell Patch
Published - July 10, 2013
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Campbell's Rocket Fizz Offers Some Sweets for Asiana Flight 214 Victims

After the shock of the plane crash in SFO, Campbell business owners wanted to take action and do their part.
“Now under security lock-down at a hotel, these students won’t be learning about our culture from host families,” says Lisa Pelgrim. “We cannot change the horror they experienced, but we can share a taste of our culture with them.

The local candy store, with the permission of the American Red Cross managing the victims' welfare, is making a donation of American candy to the young victims and is offering the public a chance to do the same. Every candy bar purchased Wednesday night or Thursday, July 11 will be matched by the shop.

Two young women were killed in the crash: 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan and Wang Lin Jia, according to a statement from Asiana Airlines.

According to news reports, at least 70 of the passengers were Chinese students and teachers on their way to summer camps.

"We want to show them that our community cares,” Pelgrim says.

Rocket Fizz has two locations; one in downtown Campbell [220 E. Campbell Ave.] and the other in downtown Palo Alto [250 University Ave. #110]. Both are open Wednesday to 9:00 p.m. and Thursday from 10-10 p.m.

“These students came here to learn about our culture and experience first hand the important details of our lifestyle and values,” she says. “Instead they are subjects of investigations and chaos.

"We need to show them that beyond the security barriers at the hotel, we are a community of real people, people with big hearts, people who understand loss and joy," she says. "We are a compassionate and caring people, willing to extend kindness to strangers. Giving candy to a group of kids may seem insignificant, but sometimes the smallest gesture of kindness has a deep impact.”

Pelgrim says that depending on the community response, she may be able to extend the donation drive if given permission by the American Red Cross.