Buffalo Wing Soda Could Be Totally Delicious Or Super Nasty

Source - Consumerist
Published - May 8, 2012
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Buffalo Wing Soda Could Be Totally Delicious Or Super Nasty

What could possibly go wrong when combining meat flavors and carbonation? A lot, unless you happen to be the biggest buffalo wing fan in the entire world. That hasn’t prevented a company called Lester’s Fixins from reaching for the blue cheese stars with its Buffalo Wing Soda flavor.

According to the Rocket Fizz site, (via BuzzFeed), the company also offers such odd/awesome flavors as Bacon, Coffee, Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Sweet Corn. Perfect for those times when you’re not sure if you’re thirsty or hungry.

There are several locations where one can buy these odd soda creations, but if you don’t happen to live in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado or Nebraska, there’s still hope: You can order your dream soda online.

Beyond all those savory selections in Lester’s Fixins, there are three kinds of Judge Wapner sodas (cola, cream soda and root beer) and more traditional, sweet flavors as part of the company’s namesake Rocket Fizz collection.

Then there’s the Snooki Wild Cherry soda, which I’m going to go ahead and pledge to never, ever imbibe, for the sake of my health and overall well-being.