6 fun alternatives for your kid’s next birthday party

Source - Courier Post
Published - Aug 20, 2018
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6 fun alternatives for your kid's next birthday party

Everyone can see when a child's birthday is near. Eyes light up, smiles are ear to ear, and anticipation grows as each day brings them closer to the big day.

Parents often want to make the day even more exciting by giving their kids a birthday party so they can celebrate with family and friends. And with so many different party options available, there is something available for every child to make the day special and personal.

So whether nurturing a sweets lover, budding baker, future paleontologist or nature seeker, the perfect party awaits and is ready to make a child's birthday a fun day filled with long lasting memories.

Children with a sweet tooth can enter a retro-style Candy Land complete with red-and-white striped walls featuring a lollipop, popcorn machine and other treats at Rocket Fizz in Westmont. Party packages have a variety of different themes, including science, superheroes, princesses, slime-making and classic games.

6 fun alternatives for your kid's next birthday party

“Guests can choose four classic games to play like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, musical chairs, bingo and limbo,” says Joann Ammazzaorsi, who owns the Westmont Rocket Fizz with her husband, Andy. “They can even choose to play tic-tac-toe on boards made from Twizzlers. Once they are done playing the game, they can eat the board.”

Parties at Rocket Fizz usually last 90 minutes and prices start at $250. Water, popcorn, linens, plates, utensils and use of the party room is included. It's an add-on, but many people love incorporating the store's unique float bar into the parties, says Ammazzaorsi.

“Some people forgo the cakes or cupcakes and get the kids floats instead,” she says. “We do all kinds of crazy floats with candy on or around them.”